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In this art lesson video, Dennis discusses how to use rich darks in watercolor painting:

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2 Responses to “Rich Darks in Watercolor Painting – Art Lesson”

  1. bruce heagstedt

    Good info and use of examples were very helpful in demonstrating lesson objectives….wish I could duplicate. Especially the green moss on the Venice painting, where it is was dark on the bottom and light on top….what technique provides that nice smooth transition?

    it looks like a base background wash then after it dries perhaps a darker mix put on top. was it top to bottom stroke with the paint collecting at the bottom to make a nice dark contrast..or bottom to top ?

  2. Maggie

    Thank you for sharing your technique. I have always throughly mixed colors and ended up with a new ( often dull) color, whereas you show how to have them adjacent with some “organic” mixing – much more interesting! Thank you.

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